Thursday, January 8, 2009

becoming an etsy holic

So,I finally got my online store going on etsy. It was somewhat slow going at first-there are so many little elements to consider, but once the framework is in place the rest kind of just falls into place. Part of my process-I've begun really looking closely at etsy, finding which sellers I am into and checking out how their shops are set up. As a result, I have become quite the 'etsy-holic'. There are so many wonderful sellers on there, an endless sea of handmade goodness. I have acquired a huge list of favorite sellers.
In order to really stand out on etsy, having good photos is the key.This is a photo of my makeshift light box.Materials:cardboard box, tissue paper, packing tape and white paper. I was somewhat skeptical, but the self made device works like a charm. I got some really great photos out of it. If you do a search on the etsy forum you can find the instructions.

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Leah said...

Hi, I'm an etsy holic too! I need to start following some succesful shops. Good luck with this great new blog!