Monday, January 12, 2009

Yay for Google Analytics

I'm sure many of you have heard already, but for those who haven't:
Etsy announced last week that Google Analytics is now available for etsy sellers. Its essentially an amazing tool to track many detailed stats on your site-such as how many visitors, what pages they looked at, the average time spent on your site, and my favorite-the overlay map of what countries your visitors are coming from-very cool! I have spent hours over the weekend (perhaps rather obsessively?) checking out the incoming traffic and where they are being directed from. I think its great and will be changing the way many indie sellers promote their products. Timothy Adams has a great little video on his blog about Google Analytics at Tip: Once you have google analytics installed, you may want to change the date to the current one as many users reported having difficulties seeing their stats. Warning:its very addictive!

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