Thursday, January 8, 2009

my tips for etsy shops

I've been active on the etsy forums lately, offering to do critiques. It has allowed me to share what I see as weak points in a potentially great store and also to strengthen my own shop. I've noticed that there seems to be some commonalities and want to share what I've learned as a result.

1. most important as number one is photos!

Its been mentioned over and over again, but to elaborate further, the most essential aspect to taking great digital photographs is adjusting the white balance-preferably on your camera before the images are uploaded to your computer. Its possible to do some photo editing in a program such as photoshop, but beginning with great shots to begin with makes the process much easier.
Consistency in photos-choosing a background that will allow your products to stand out, but also be recognizable to buyers as they scroll through the endless potential sellers on etsy.
Use all five photos-etsy allows you to post up to five photos for one item. When I first started listing on etsy I only posted two or three photos, but in order to truly maximize your selling potential for your work, I'd suggest using all five. Sometimes its hard to imagine how to fill those boxes up with five different photos, but if you use your imagination you will soon discover new viewpoints. Use a tripod and photograph from different angles, heights and perspectives. If it is an item that can be worn, take at least one photo of it on the body or a garment. The debatable exception may be earrings, which many people on the forums seem to feel is unsanitary.
Think carefully about which photo you choose as your first-this is the one which will be seen in the searches, albeit somewhat smaller. The stronger, more eye catching the image the better.

2. banner and avatar
I'd say that coming a close second is your banner and avatar. These are your strongest branding tools on etsy. It can either repel or draw a customer in and it provides your public face on the site. Make sure its well designed and thought out.If you are strapped for ideas, look at what you are selling-there may be common design elements or textures that you can use to brand your shop.

3. shop categories
I noticed many sellers weren't using their shop sections-or that things were not placed correctly in them. Its a small detail that can be easily overlooked when you are uploading a new item, but this allows people to navigate through your site more easily.

Those are the main things I noticed in the critiques. I hope its in someway helpful. I'm still learning as well!


prairiethimble said...

How do you make a banner and avatar or where do you get one? Thank you in advance for your advice and help.

naomi said...

all the info is pretty much on etsy. the banner and avatar need to be certain dimensions so make sure to find out before you design it. i did my banner up on photoshop and my avatar is simply a photo from my shop.